Burna Boy responds in a viral video after Lady plays a “Burna boy is dead” prank on her mother.

Burna Boy, an Afrobeats musician, responded to a recent online joke that went popular on TikTok.

Social media users are divided over a trendy joke that fools unaware parents into thinking their favorite star has passed away.

The “celebrity death prank” is a format where someone secretly records another person—typically a parent—while informing them that a well-known personality has died.

The pattern persisted into 2023 after picking up steam in the dying hours of 2022.

The most recent one that has been seen online is a video of a woman playing a practical joke on her mother by telling her that Burna Boy had died from a heart attack.

Her mother’s response was a scream that was loaded with profanity and shock.

Burnaboy responded by reposting the popular video on his official TikTok page and writing;

“Mum I’m fine”

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