At an event, K1 De Ultimate sings and throws cash at Wizkid’s mother and father (Video)

At a recent wedding ceremony, Nigerian Fuji Star K1 De Ultimate and the Wizkid’s dad, an Afrobeats singer, stole the scene.

Mr. and Mrs. Balogun attended the wedding of Ibitoye and Idris, a Nigerian couple, with K1 serving as the main entertainment.

The seasoned Fuji musician delighted the audience and Wizkid’s parents by singing beautifully while they danced.

Nigerian Fuji Star K1 De Ultimate and the Wizkid's dad, an Afrobeats singer, stole the scene

He further upped the entertainment ante by pulling out wads of cash and dousing Mrs. Balogun with it.

After some while, he began spraying Wizkid’s father and decided to mention Wizkid in the lyrics of his song of appreciation.

Watch the Video below.

Reacting, @obalichi_ said; Whenever I watch KWAM 1, I remember my ghetto childhood and how his ‘Talaazo’ music used to blast at local record stores back in the day. “Eyi ni talaazo wese, o ti lati jo oo!” And the drumming will go, “talaazo, zo. Zo, zo. Won ni talaazo, zo”

@biggestmanny; Star pass star ⭐️ k1 prayer na make den dey spray am money stage ..Wizkid Dey collect for stage and Wizkid parent still dey collect too ..literally if you’re Wizkid children they can be spraying you money for living

@OdunugaAyuba; Humble parents . K1 remains the greatest Fuji musician of all time and one of Nigerian Greatest Artist ever . Why won’t you smile .

@Victoryfrank9; God pls blessed the work of my hand and make me great too ijn 😆,I love this so much,make star sing for my parents still dey spray for them🥰💜

@ifobreed; This version of K1 is delightful to listen to especially when you are on lagos ibadan express. Ma ti te over 120

In other news, CorrectNG discovered that music writer Joey Akan fired his housekeeper for allegedly stealing all the food he kept on hand.

The presenter claimed that the maid made sure that all of the food disappeared within three weeks, just before he left for Europe.

Joey claims that when he came home, he saw that his house’s stock of noodles, rice, beans, garri, eggs, and other goods had run out.

He claimed that the fact that he had returned from his vacation broke made him even more enraged by the housekeeper’s behavior, and he fired her right away.

The podcaster recommended listeners to stop any theft committed by domestic workers as soon as they became aware of such behavior since, if tiny thefts go unpunished, they escalate over time to more heinous offenses.

He wrote; ”Went to Europe, returned after 3 weeks and my cleaner had emptied my entire pantry.

Two full cartons of noodles, empty. Eggs gone. Rice, beans, garri, butter, spices, canned foods, everything. And I returned broke to an empty house. It pained me, so I let her go immediately.

It’s not just food biko. That’s entry level. They get emboldened and show you real shege. It all started from two eggs a day, and food in the fridge, and I let it go, because “it’s just food.” Please nip theft in the bud. Protect yourself.”

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