Erica and Twitter user Kussman, who shared his thoughts on her new song.

Erica Nwendlim, a popular Nigerian reality star and actress, has decided to enter the music industry and has released a new song with the popular Amapiano beat.

Erica’s song generated a lot of buzz on social media, and there have been a lot of reactions from netizens about this new talent Erica has just developed, as one would expect. Erica was offended by a popular Twitter user with the handle @Kussman’s comments about her musical career and decided to retaliate by engaging in a word war.

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It all started with a tweet from @remmzor__ inquiring about Erica’s musical career.

He tweeted “When Erica begin dey sing? At what point did my star girl realized she has the talent?”

@Kussman replied “If afmag no work , you go try mtv base.”

Erica came across the tweet and decided to respond to Kussman.

“As real celebrity didn’t work for you and you settled for Twitter troll”

This response signaled the start of a verbal battle that devolved into a chaotic timeline with many drags from both parties.

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Nigerian reality star


Nigerian reality star

Nigerian reality star

Some internet users believe this is a cheap publicity stunt for her new song, while others believe Erica had had enough of the trolling and decided to retaliate.

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