Lilian Afegbai- “Any man who doesn’t own a house and a car before marriage doesn’t have a future.”

Lilian Afegbai, a Nigerian actress and reality star, has claimed that a man is not serious about his life if he does not acquire a house and a car before settling down.

She said this while discussing her wish to be with a man who leads a comfortable life on the Toke Moments show.

The Big Brother Africa alumni claim that she is doing well for herself and would anticipate that her man will be able to afford to buy a home of his own rather than continue paying rent.

However, Lilian asserted that she is not looking for a billionaire because in practice, such a standard might be extremely high.

She stated that because she was already putting money down on her own home, purchasing a home in Nigeria didn’t necessarily require having a lot of money.

The movie diva continued by declaring that any man who cannot afford to buy a house for himself is unfit to be with her since it indicates that he lacks mental capacity.

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Watch her speak below:


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