Man perplexed after his bride-to-be admits she had an abortion one month before their wedding.

A Nigerian man went online for help on behalf of a friend who made a shocking discovery just a month before his wedding.

He stated that his friend recently learned from his fiancee that she had an abortion in the past, and that he is considering canceling the wedding, which is scheduled for January 2, 2023.

The man reportedly took his wife-to-be for a pregnancy test, and it was confirmed that she can still conceive; however, he is unsure whether he should proceed with the marriage plans.

She had the abortion in 2018, and he stated that he loves her but is unsure if he is making the right decision.

The post reads; ”My guy was asking, his wedding is slated for 5th January and his wife to be just told him last week Saturday that she has had an abortion once. She’s a wife material tho, womb is intact too cos they when to a gynecologist to after she made the confession to check and run checks on her. She’s good. But he was asking if I’d still carry on with themarriage if I was in his shoes.

I told him I’ll bring to PSB and screenshot reactions of people. Abeg make PSB people put mouth take help my guy. He said he loves her and nothing has changed, this was something she did since 2018.”

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