After learning that the couple had s$x while courting, the pastor calls off their ongoing wedding.

When the pastor learned what they had been up to while courting, he unexpectedly called off the Nigerian couple’s wedding.

The bride and groom were already getting married on Saturday when the pastor made the decision to summon them to his office.

They all unanimously responded “No” when he inquired if they had engaged in premarital s**.

The woman, however, confirmed having foreplay without any penetration when the pastor pressed her.

The man of God then announced that the church wedding was being called off.

The tweet reads; ”There was this wedding that was supposed to hold on a Saturday in a church around my neighborhood. On the wedding day while the wedding ceremony was already going on, the pastor came out and called the groom and the bride into his office and he said ” I know I’ve asked you this before but the holy spirit keeps disturbing me now to ask you again if you both have not had premarital s$x” and they both said NO, they never had s$x.

And the pastor asked again “Sister, has this brother ever touched you?” and she said “Yes, he only kiss me, press my breast and fingers me but we never had s$x” And the pastor came out of his office with the bride and the groom and he said ” I know all of you here are here to witness this holy matrimony but we’re sorry we can’t join them as husband and wife because their bed has been defiled. And that was the end.”

@MasterPackerPut; Lol one day you people will realize that court weddings and traditional weddings are the only legally binding weddings and church weddings are just ceremonial and not legally binding. How can you allow a pastor and a church dictate whether you should be married or not.

@lollypeezle; The church has her rules. There are several institutions that can join you without asking you boya e ti do ara yin ri. Go there if you don’t want the question.

A church will ask you and the best thing to do is to be truthful. Let them deny you the matrimony in private.

@wfalodunola; So here’s my question…. If they can’t get married. Should they then go their separate ways? Or find a new church and pastor? The pastor should have proffered a solution to this their error rather than cancel it all together.

@olaoluwakitan_a; If I was the husband I will take charge do reception and tell the pastor frankly to make sure when I come back to the church all money spent for the church towards the wedding is refunded, after then I will be bringing my weed smoking friends to the church every Sunday to smoke.

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