Nigeria: A Nigerian mother sets a trap to catch teachers eating her child’s lunch at school

A Nigerian woman shared a humorous story about how she devised a clever way to find out if teachers were eating her child’s food at school.

According to the mother, who goes by the handle @dcounty93 on Twitter, her son rarely eats at home but always comes home with an empty flask.

She revealed that she set a trap for the teacher who has been eating his food by putting plantain, egg, and vegetable sauce in his food flash because her son dislikes them.

He did, however, return home with an empty flask, as usual.

Following a tweep, the woman shared her story.

@iamborngifted noted how good it is to teach in nursery school as she hailed parents for knowing how to fry chips.

He said: “To teach for nursery class sweet oh, some parents sabi fry chips.”

In reaction, @Dcounty93 wrote; “Thank you 😂one time I packaged boiled unripe plaintain and egg/vegetable sauce ! Knowing fully well my son hates unripe plantain … Lo and behold brethren 😂he came back with an empty Flask… that was when I knew this teachers are eating good !”

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