Nigeria: Lady surprises boyfriend by giving him money she had set aside for him to purchase a car.

A woman is said to have supported her boyfriend’s desire to buy a car by giving him $5,000 that she had saved.

Blogger @diaryofa9jagirl shared the story, noting that the man was saving for the car while his babe was also saving without his knowledge.

He was able to save $5,000 for the car, and his babe saved the same amount, which she then presented to him as a gift, bringing his total savings to $10,000.

@diaryofa9jagirl wrote; ”A girl on the internet said her boyfriend had been saving to buy himself a car, little did he know, she’s been matching his savings as well. He has saved $5k, she has saved the same which means he now has $10k to buy himself a car. I thought that was cool until I read comments.

Men thought what she did was so cool, MANY women thought she was going too fast & should only do that for her husband. These are the same women that’|| go “awwwww” when a guy buys his GIRLFRIEND a car or invests in her business. They conveniently forget that they’re not married.

A generous boyfriend is fine but a generous girlfriend is a problem? ”

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