Nigeria: Portable storms out of an Italian show after they refuse to spray him money.

Portable, a popular Nigerian singer, disappointed his diaspora fans by declining to perform at an event.

The controversial performer who was paid to perform at a show in Italy stormed out after the audience refused to spray him with money.

A video from the event shows Portable cursing them and demanding that they spray money on him before he performs.

The Zazuu star advised them to use their phones and borrow money if necessary.

He stormed off the stage and walked to his car, which was parked outside the venue, when he did not receive the desired response.

Fans followed him to his car, pleading with him to return to the stage and perform, but he refused, saying they should first spray him with cash.

Portable entered the car and drove away as his crew prevented angry fans from assaulting him.

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Watch the video below:

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