Nigerian Mathematical Prodigy Receives €20 Million PhD Scholarship

Here is the account of the exceptional Nigerian math prodigy who was offered a €20 million doctoral scholarship.

The promiscuous young man, identified as Maniru Ibrahim, has been fully offered to continue his PhD studies for free at an Irish university called Limerick University. He is a first-class mathematics graduate from Nigeria.

He has been granted a fellowship through a €20 million Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Centre for Research Training (CRT) in Foundations of Data Science initiative.

A tax-free stipend of €18,500 per year for four years is provided as part of the program, and there is also an additional allowance for travel and lodging expenses associated with visits to CRT partner institutions, business and industry partners, international collaborators, and attendance at national and international conferences.

Ibrahim, a 2017 Usman Danfodio University graduate from Sokoto, Northwest Nigeria, received the scholarship award in April following a virtual interview and shortlisting by CRT management.

The brilliant man is presently finishing up his master’s degree in theoretical physics in Italy in preparation for the commencement of his doctoral program in September.

He is the only African on the shortlist for the program, which is the first of its type. It is an industry-related program. ICT-related issues will be resolved in order to simplify living and advance technology.

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