Stop generalizing; not all actresses are ashewo, Uche Ogbodo responds. Nedu, Angela Okorie, and other

Uche Ogbodo, an actress, has responded to charges that actresses are prostitutes (ashewo).

Uche said that not all female celebs are prostitutes on her Instagram story.

She claims that some people work hard, are decent, and appreciate their bodies. She continued by saying that, like other women, not all actresses have eyes for the street.

Angela Okorie, Nedu, Anita Joseph, and others were warned by Uche Ogbodo to quit generalizing.

Some of them, Uche Ogbodo continued in her closing remarks, “believe in sticking with one man, dating them for years and being faithful.”

“Bullets flying up and down since! Haaaa! Make unah cam Dan! No be all of us be ASHAWO.

Some still dey we be hardworkers! Decent! Respect their bodies!

No be every actress body dey street ooo. Actressses are like every woman in general. Some nah ASHAWO, while some believe in hard work and running different hustles. Even some are contractors who actually do major contracts in millions.

Stop generalizing and selling all actresses short! Enough is Enough!

Some of us believe in staying with one man, dating one man sef for 5-10 years and being faithful to him alone weda money dey or money no dey. While we keep working hard. Because we no go fit shake our family Name!”.

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