[VIDEO] Ini Edo discusses why there has to be unclad scenes in ‘Shanty Town’.

Ini Edo, an actress, has explained why nudity was unavoidable in the popular Shanty Town film series.

The actress gave a subtle hint as to why certain intimate body parts were shown in the movie during an interview with BBC Pidgin, and she made her point quite plain.

Shanty Town is a drama about crime and prostitution, and one can’t depict such a story without displaying nudity, according to Ini Edo, who performed the character of “Inem.”

In order to make the movie appear more authentic, she continued, appearing naked wasn’t done to degrade anyone.

The seasoned actor also criticized the disproportionate focus placed on a woman’s body and urged people to start viewing a woman’s body as a simple creation of God without any strange justifications attached.

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