Yvonne Jegede Speaks on Regina Daniel’s Husband, Ned Nwoko’s Alleged Secret Wedding

Yvonne Jegede, an actress, has responded to blogger IJ Ada Igbo’s alleged claim that she is secretly married to politician Ned Nwoko, the husband of actress Regina Daniels.

According to the blogger, after her secret wedding to Ned Nwoko, the actress deleted images from her profile.

Yvonne Jegede responded to the allegations by posting the alleged video on Instagram with the caption:

“When many people tell you they know ‘something’ is happening or believe something has happened, you asked them how they got to know, they tell you they read or heard it from the Internet. Often times, they heard it from an idi0t like the person talking in this shameless and false post. How could you be this bold about falsehood?

How can you lie so confidently? How can you intentionally tarnish people’s image and damage relationships all because you want to attract people to your blogs? This funny post is evil and false in every intent. I won’t dissipate energy fighting you. Karma is already dealing with your destiny because if you have one, you won’t be all gas up about other people’s lives when yours is tattered.

How does deleting my photos on my page give off anything???

The effrontery to mention my son self, I suppose give you one dirty slap.


Ij Ada igbo you can get traction without trying to make someone look bad FFS”

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