Blessing CEO boasts, “I’ve never slept with a man for money.”

Blessing Okoro, a relationship expert from Nigeria who goes by the moniker Blessing CEO, claims she has never slept with a man in exchange for money.

She stated this on her own Instagram profile, noting that not all women participate in “runs,” as many earn their income legally.

Blessing CEO


By adjusting the crown and refusing to allow small talk affect them, Blessing encouraged hardworking women to be proud of their hustling while bragging about her chastity.

The Influencer claims that men constantly attempt to project themselves onto successful women in an effort to feel powerful.

She emphasized that not all women are suitable for the business of selling their bodies for cash.

Blessing wrote; “Not every woman does RUNS…Women are so so hardworking that men keep projecting themselves to women just to feel powerful.

I brag with it, Blessingceo has never 4k for money. Women adjust your crown forget noise makers . Runs is not for everybody .. Just a reminder that a lot of women make legit money.”

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