Nigeria: IVD’s Saga: Blessing CEO is mocking what it means to be a therapist, and it appears that she misses being in jail, by Solomon Buchi

Solomon Buchi, a life coach and writer, has weighed in on the social media controversy surrounding self-acclaimed relationship guru, Blessing CEO and celebrity, auto dealer Ikechukwu Darry Ogbonna, also known as IVD.

Blessing CEO used her now-defunct Instagram profile to intervene in the domestic violence case involving IVD and his late wife, Bimbo.

Remember that Bimbo died on Saturday, October 15th, after she burned down their Lagos mansion after a spate of domestic violence with her husband, IVD.

Mama Jazz, her elder sister, announced her death on social media. She also mentioned IVD.

The CEO of Blessing posted information on her now-defunct Instagram profile to refute allegations that IVD killed his wife and physically beat her.

The CEO of Blessing disclosed how the deceased’s family is battling for IVD’s money. She claims that the late Bimbo’s family, especially Mama Jazz, her older sister, is after IVD’s assets and life.

Buchi says that Blessing CEO has no right becoming involved in the IVD’s tragedy because she is neither a relationship specialist nor a therapist.

He added that it appears Blessing CEO avoids going to jail since all of her power-seeking could get her into difficulty and put her in jail.

He wrote: “Blessing CEO is making mockery of what it means to be a therapist. She’s taking the role of a lawyer. In her words: “I’m stepping into this case as the official relationship therapist of IVD.” Stepping into what? I pray she doesn’t get into trouble. Seems like she misses jail.

“She’s not a therapist and she’s not abiding to any of psychotherapy, counseling or coaching. If you’ve ever had professional therapeutics, you’ll know that she is self-styled and badly so. Therapy isn’t having a relationship page where you post people’s issues. No.

“In sane climes, she would definitely be shut off by regulatory bodies. We don’t have any sense of regulation with therapy in Nigeria. IVD doesn’t even know his right. She shouldn’t be defending him. Gosh. It makes it even more suspicious. Get a lawyer!

“I don’t know what happened between Bimbo and IVD. It seemed like a marriage with mutually toxic partners, however, social media is not court of law. The case is dicey, because she’s dead. Blessing should tread carefully. The law is not emotional.

“This is a whole case of alleged killing as a result of domestic violence. It’s not some civil case. These cases can be complex. Blessing CEO doesn’t have friends? Hmm! Even her grandmother, Kemi, would do a bit better. Even if she has evidence, she can ruin the case. Advise her.

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