My boyfriend has never given me a penny, so I went into “runs,” a Nigerian woman says.

A Nigerian woman has gone online to describe how she resorted to selling her body because her boyfriend was unable to meet her needs.

She also sought advice to determine whether he was playing her, despite her assertion that she was.

He hasn’t spent even N100 since they started dating eight months ago, according to the lady.

She stated that she entered a ‘hookup’ and he is unaware, but it also appears that he is uninterested in learning how she fends for herself.

She said that she used to love him so much but after she realised he does not care about her, she started playing him.

She also claimed that despite his claims to love her, she never asked him for money and he never gave her a penny.

The girlfriend claimed that despite wearing different outfits every day, her man never inquired about her source of income.

She wonders if she is also being played because he is the one who asks for money, which is the more intriguing aspect of the situation.

In her words; ”Good morning Please I’m also seeking advice. I have a boyfriend Loved so much but now I’m just playing him because he doesn’t care about me.. we’ve been dating for 8 months now and I haven’t eaten his 100 naira…I have never asked him for money and he has never given me a dime. He claim he loves me. I’m into hookup now which he is not aware of.

He sees me with different outfits everyday, he knows I don’t have a job and he has never asked me where I got the money from. He’s always asking me for money and Airtime…. Does that mean he’s also playing me? ”

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