Brilliant Nigerian Lady excels abroad, joins the 1.2% of US citizens with PhD degree

Nzube Egboluche, a brilliant Nigerian woman, was able to fulfill her dream of attending college in the United States in 2015 because to the MasterCard Scholarships.

Nzube graduated as the top student in the Department of Soil Science from the University of Nigeria Nsukka in South-East Nigeria with a bachelor’s degree.

Nzube then applied for admission to Michigan State University in the USA and was accepted after being awarded MasterCard Scholarships to help pay for her two-year Master’s program in Crop and Soil Sciences.

Nzube described how she used opportunities that came her way to fulfill her American goal, which included enrolling in a PhD school, in a Linkedin post. She remarked that the scholarship she had obtained had opened up a world of wonderful options for her.

“I started working towards achieving my American dreams which included obtaining a Phd degree the very first day I started classes. I utilized as many opportunities that came my way during my master’s program to prepare myself for the doctoral program,” she wrote on LinkedIn.

She acknowledged that she encountered some difficulties while pursuing her education, but she persisted and persevered until she finished the program.

“During this period, I went through a roller coaster of different kinds of emotions- frustration, anger, stress, and excitement. I almost gave up at some point but the will and drive to complete my program and obtain my PhD degree was greater than the challenges I encountered.” she added

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