Businessman is devastated after his sales girl disappears with all of his money three months after hiring her.

A Nigerian guy is in misery as a result of a disaster that occurred after he hired a sales girl who swindled him.

Before leaving town for an appointment, he hired the girl and left his business in her care, only for her to steal all of his money.

A victim’s friend turned to Twitter, @Dexterouz11, to relay the story, revealing that the man’s business had crumbled as a result of the fraud.

He claimed that the sought woman had also used her boss as a guarantee to acquire a large loan without his knowledge.

She vanished with the proceeds from the sale of her employer’s goods as well as funds obtained from a loan firm.

The victim is still looking for the lady, and his business has also suffered as a result of the fraud.

The Twitter user also revealed that the loan shark has been harassing her friend for the money because the sales girl used him as a guarantor.

“No be only nanny dey do evil. Even sales girls dey do. My friend wey employ sales girl, just three months, business crashed. Wetin happen? “Ok. This guy was not in town and he told his sales girl to take over till he returns.

This girl ran away with all the money she sold. She Still collect loan use her boss as guarantor. My friend dey find sales girl wey thief money, loan people dey call am to pay back the girl’s loan too,” the tweet reads.

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