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Exceptional African-American Lady wins two science and technology scholarships, gets award as US Astronaut scholar

The renowned Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Award and the Neil Armstrong Award of Excellence were both won by an excellent African-American woman named Mikayla Harris.

Senior Mikayla Harris attends Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States. She studies computer, mathematical, and natural sciences.

She sought to represent Black women in STEM fields by submitting an application for the Astronaut Scholarship (STEM). Among other things, she was given a scholarship worth $15,000.

“I wanted to apply to represent Morgan State as well as Black women in STEM. There is not enough biomedical research that includes Black people, people of color and other minority groups,” Harris said in a press release provided by Morgan State University.

Speaking on how she came to receive the honor, Harris said that being a part of her university’s Student Research Center, she had more possibilities to learn about research and develop her own research projects. She gives the group credit for helping her win the Astronaut Scholarship recently, where she showcased her scientific endeavors.

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