Godwin Maduagu, an actor, comes out as gay one year after denying his leaked gay sxxtape.

One year after denying being the one in a leaked gay sex tape, Nollywood actor Godwin Maduagu has publicly come out as a homosexual.

In January 2021, an adult video with the actor and his partner’s faces leaked on the internet, but he angrily denied participating in it.

At the time, he had a Question & Answer session on his Instagram page to react to inquiries about the tape, and he claimed that the person who leaked the footage used “technology” to photoshop his face on the video.

One year later, the actor has officially admitted to being the one in the sex tape as he openly comes out as gay.

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Godwin claimed in a TikTok video that close pals blackmailed and threatened to expose the footage because they were jealous of his success, and then proceeded to share the video.

According to him, he became depressed after the tape was leaked and was on the verge of committing suicide if it hadn’t been for the love and encouragement of his family.

Godwin stated that he has now accepted his sexuality and is living his truth.

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Watch video below;

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