I booked Portable for a Show in France, but he was unable to go – Woman laments over debt

A Nigerian show promoter living in Europe has accused controversial musician Portable of sabotaging a music event she organized in the European country.

The lady stated that she had scheduled him for a play in France, but he was unable to attend due to a visa denial from the embassy.

According to her, Portable was speaking Yoruba when he went to the embassy to get his visa processed, which caused his application to be refused.

She bemoaned the amount she had spent to organize the event and stated that she had become deeply in debt as a result of the artiste’s absence.

In a social media video, the promoter expressed concern about repaying the money and appeasing spectators who were eager to see Portable.

It’s strange that she said he was refused a visa to France yet he just posted photographs and videos of himself with Young John in Paris last week.

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Watch clip below:



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