“I can beat my chest and declare my husband does not womanize,” Peggy says of her husband, Frederick Leonard.

Peggy Ovire, aka Peggy Leonard, has informed the world that her husband, Frederick Leonard, does not womanize.

During her wedding speech, the actress lavished compliments on her spouse, emphasizing that he does not cheat or womanize.

Peggy considered herself fortunate to be married to someone like him and recommended other women to be patient when looking for a man to marry.

“I saw a man that is not a womanizer and most importantly that’s why I stayed for this long. Please don’t change, Fredrick is one man that I can beat my chest on, despite what everybody is saying, that he doesn’t womanize. I will love you, I will respect you,” she said.

Some fans believed Peggy wholeheartedly in response to her affirmation, while others expressed reservations about the cheating aspect.

One, @finest1900 commented: “God bless every single woman reading this by 2023 we shall speak love language like this Amen.”

@user5228873356811 wrote: “All the home breakers stay far from this couple. Blindness will be your portion if you dare. God bless you both.”

@1.bonitaa_ added: “When she said “even though he can be very controlling”. I laughed!! This man is a born controller. He is just so real, his acting is real is lifestyle is real. An actor that I love sincerely.”

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