“In Jesus Name, I Am Cancer-Free” Mercy Johnson Clarifies Most Recent Health Statement [Video]

Mercy Johnson, a Nollywood actress and businesswoman, has returned to address her recent interview in which she claimed she had a cancer health crisis and was consequently put on life-saving medication.

Mercy’s Menu with Joke Silva revealed that she experienced a cancer health scare and was consequently given life-saving medication.

She said, “I had a scare. I had a cancer scare. It was like a journey for us because of the kids. My last born was 6 months at that time. We had to understand that this is our new reality. Let’s get the surgery done. They said I was going to be on medication for the rest of my life. It was a reality that we had to sit down”.

Although Mercy Johnson has been receiving calls and messages about her illness, the little clip from her program that went viral online caused her admirers to misunderstand her health.

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