“Is your belle a generator?” – Comedian Lasisi Elenu confronts her very pregnant fiancée about her longing for the scent of gasoline.

Lasisi Elenu, a popular Instagram comic, has expressed concern over his fiancée, Nonso Adika’s strange appetites since she became pregnant.

While uploading a sweet video with his very pregnant wife-to-be on Instagram, the skitmaker revealed that she once drove to a gas station to absorb the fragrance of fuel.

He wrote;

“Thought those stories of pregnant women having ritualist and ogbanje cravings were mere tales, my brother my sisters, I say unto you, it is not oo.

Forget this video wey we dey do like normal human being, nothing is normal. I repeat nothing is normal. this woman’s urges dey always fear me.

Because how can, how can someone want to just take a drive to ‘filing station’ to smell fuel.. Abeg na YAMAHA generator dey your bell.

Shoutout to all the mothers and pregnant women.”

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Watch the video below,


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