“This Is Suffering O,” Portable exclaims as a video showing him queuing to get fuel in Lagos goes viral.

In a viral video, controversial singer Habeeb Omoolalomi Okikiola, also known as Portable, joins many other Nigerians in lamenting the current gasoline scarcity concerns.

The musician stated in the footage published on his Facebook that the country’s present gasoline scarcity scenario has caused nothing but anguish for Nigerians.

Portable also stated in his viral video that the country’s fuel scarcity is why he was out looking for petrol for his car and household.

He also mentioned that a lack of fuel had prevented him from turning on his air conditioner, and that the heat was beginning to get to him.

Some reactions culled below:

@afrikingg_: “You gotta love this dude. He is very original, humble, real, and funny with his craft. We don’t get to see this every day among his fellow entertainers. Kudos Portable!”

@bhadboi_richie_99: “You fit use fuel find fuel make you no see fuel.”

@official___hacker_____fbi___01: “Naaa celebrity way stingy day come out come buy feul by him self.”

@deboh__tentwenty: “Nobe government cause am mumu….. na you no sabi manage your fame.”

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