Kenya: Why Murugi Munyi satisfied with her liposuction procedure.

Murugi Munyi, formerly known as Yummy Mummy, a content developer, podcaster, and businesswoman, has taken her sweet time on Instagram to let us know how her body has been doing following liposuction.

She remarked that prior to the liposuction, her tummy bore the brunt of the evidence.

“When you get lipo, they tell you if you put on weight, you start putting on weight, not the way you were putting on before,” she highlighted.

“Before, I would put on weight it would always be my tummy first, that I get all the weight.” Murugi expressed.

“Now I have noticed that when I put on weight, my arms will be the first to grow big, then my hips, my thighs, and my bum,” a happy Murugi noted.

The messy in-between podcaster stated that she was going to the gym to work on the extra weight, but she was satisfied that the weight was going to the correct areas.

The mother of three earlier stated that she got the procedure done since she had the money and it was her birthday treat.

“I decided to go for the lipo because I had the money and also it was my birthday treat. As human beings, we work so that we are able to afford the things we want. You work for it, or you also pay for it. These things can go concurrently. It was just under KES600,000.”

She gave explanation of the procedure as one that gets rid of the stubborn body fat

“Basically, it’s the process where they remove fat from any part of your body that is stubborn. For women, it is basically around the arms, the belly region, thighs, buttocks etc. They make small incisions.”

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