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Kenya: Matubia’s weight loss does not impress Madiba.

Jackie Matubia, an actress, has spoken out about how her weight loss journey has affected her relationship with her baby daddy.

Blessing Lung’aho, it appears, is dissatisfied with the changes.

Jackie claims that since the procedure, she has eaten less and feels full faster, which her fiancé Blessing Lung’aho strongly opposes.

“Blessing does not want that, he doesn’t want me to get smaller. And I was like, ‘dude ulinikatianikiwa na hio weight’ ( when you hit on me at first I was small)

“Anyway wanawake tujipende na ile weight tunataka, usiskize bwanako, love yourself

Si ata wewe unataka kukatiwa huku nje and be called mrembo.”

Jackie also mentioned that after the procedure, one gets sick for about three days.

Jackie revealed, when asked about having the gastric procedure, “you’ll get a similar feeling to being pregnant. You’ll puke, feel nauseated, don’t want strong scents, and get cramps and all.

During the 3 days, you’ll be strictly on water. Even if you’re taking apple juice you mix it up with water.”

The mother of two added that her ulcers flared up on the second day of her procedure, making life hell for her.

This is due to the fact that she had not eaten for 12 hours prior to ingesting the balloon for the weight loss procedure.

The actress first shared a video of the procedure in which the doctor inserted the balloon through her mouth.

She went on to say that the Allurion gastric balloon weight loss procedure cost her $500,000.

Jackie concluded by stating that she had seen tremendous changes and had lost 6kgs four days after the procedure.

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