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Kenya: Is there trouble in paradise? Anerlisa Muigai’s cryptic messages raise eyebrows.

Anerlisa Muigai, a Kenyan businesswoman, has hinted that her new relationship may be troubled.

The Keroche heiress is dating Ibrahim Melvin, who turned 33 recently.

She captioned her post on social media:

“The worst feeling is going into a relationship thinking you will be better than the last partner then end up being the worst,” wrote the 33-year-old entrepreneur.

She then went on to add that starting over was the hardest part as well as crazy confusing.

“And then you are forced to go and start your life all over again…. what a waste!,”

Anerlisa had recently celebrated her alleged divorce from her Tanzanian husband Ben Pol on social media.

Ms. Muigai thanked her lawyers in a social media update for doing an outstanding job in ensuring the process is completed as soon as possible.

“Officially Free. It would not be fair to not give a shout-out to these two advocates who worked tirelessly to make sure that the divorce was done quickly and not wait for years.

“Hamza Jabir and Hosea Chamba. Thank you for your work and for doing everything as requested,” Anerkisa shared.

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