Chacha Eke-Faani describes her mother and grandmother as “crazy,” and she believes her daughter will “probably grow up and be a crazy little lady”

Chacha Eke-Faani, a Nollywood actress, recently took to Instagram to discuss her mental health. Chacha also mentioned losing a baby 18 years ago in her update. Many people, she claims, mock her as a “crazy lady,” but her mental health crisis is the result of all the pains she’s endured.

“Most of us ladies were broken on the inside and that’s how the crazy got in and got stuck” she says in her update.

She then recounts her experiences, including the loss of a child.

She’s heard saying,

“That baby died and I’m still so pained. Chidielebe, I’m sorry, we lost her. 18 years gone but I never forget. Many years later, the doctors slash my belly and pulled out four little humans.

“All of a sudden, I’m people’s mummy. How do I do that with mental illness?”

Chacha also admitted that her mother and grandmother were insane, and she fears that her daughters will be as well.

The actress who has three daughters said,

“I didn’t ask for this life, I was born with this. I got it from my mama. My mama was a crazy woman, she told me her mama too was crazy. She talked crazy and treated people crazy.

“Right now, here I am being a crazy little miss. My daughter will probably grow up and be a crazy little lady. But it won’t even matter because we’re all crazy.”

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Nollywood actress,

After accusing her husband of domestic violence and announcing her separation from him in 2020, the actress’ mental health issues became public. She later changed her mind and claimed she had bipolar disorder.

However, earlier this year, she returned to social media and announced her divorce from her husband. While announcing the end of her marriage, she also hinted at abuse.

She’s been open about her mental health issues and how she can be destructive at times since then.

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