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I’ve transitioned to passing message with rap music – Black Sherif

In an exclusive interview with Radar Africa and Spotify, Black Sherif made this claim while discussing his background and how his experiences have influenced his music.

Black Sherif

The Sunday Sermon hot maker recalled the moment he realized how profound his lessons have become after someone performed one of his songs to him.

In related news, a Nigerian digital marketer named Olufemi has counseled men to end relationships with women who frequently post images online.

According to him, a woman who does that subtly tells her partner that she is open to dating other guys in the event that he acts inappropriately.

Femi encouraged men to break their commitment as soon as they see their girlfriend enjoys sharing her images online because she does it to attract the attention and approval of the guys she wants, even if they are already in a relationship.

The Influencer claims that since women cannot approach or seduce men, their only option is to put themselves in a situation where they can.

In his words; ‘‘If you’re dating a woman who is always uploading her pictures on social media, withdraw your commitment to her because she is indirectly telling you that she is available to other men. Any woman who is always posting pictures of herself on social media is craving the attention of other men. The game for women is to put themselves at a position where men will see them and approach them because women don’t approach. Men are the ones who do the approaching.

Some women will say “ I’m posting the pictures for myself to make myself feel good “ if that’s the case why not hide the pictures where only her sees them ? Or better still keep the pictures in her gallery and go view them whenever she’s doesn’t feel good about herself since the pictures are for her eye only… women enjoy attention generally even from the men they won’t date or give a chance!

They enjoy validation from every angle, now some will come and say “ I get attention however I dress “ just to justify you letting them post pictures online, if she’s single it’s a different ball game, at least she’s putting herself out there, and don’t let her guilt trip you or shame you that it’s because you’re insecure and a secure man wouldn’t mind, all those manipulation tactics is to play with your Ego into letting them do whatever they want, while they restrict you from doing whatever you want, if she’s secure as well she’ll let you sleep with other women since at the end of the day she’s your main chick ! 😂 see how it is when I flip the role ?

The thing is a secure man has boundaries and you either follow his rules or you get kicked back to the streets, it’s actually an insecure man that lets his woman do whatever she wants because he’s scared of loosing her and doesn’t think he can replace her so he lets her behave like she’s single even when she already has his commitment and Mr Bingo will play safe thinking he’s wise unknown to him that he’s been manipulated. Know this and know peace.”

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