Kate Henshaw reacts as angry customers vandalize Wema bank’s ATMs, bankers’ cars, other facilities in Ibadan

Veteran Nollywood performer Kate Henshaw has spoken in the wake of the recent disturbance caused by cash shortage at a Wema bank branch in Ibadan.

The incident, which is alleged to have occurred at the Wema bank’s Agodi branch in Ibadan, shows irate clients wrecking havoc by shattering ATMs, bankers’ vehicles, the bank’s building’s windows, and other items.

Every fragile thing in the banking hall was broken by the crowd’s constant stone-firing into the space. As the riot grew worse, all of the automobiles parked outside had their windows damaged.

Kate Henshaw commented on the video via her Twitter account, saying that this is what happens when individuals are pushed up against a wall.

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