Kenya: Nasra despises Noti and King Alami, saying, ‘No one cares whether they’re dating.’

Nasra Yusuf, a comedian, has expressed her dissatisfaction with King Alami and Noti Flow’s on-again, off-again relationship updates.

She posted it on her Instagram stories, saying,

“Yani kama kuna update nimechoka nayo ni hii ya sijui King lami na sijui noti aaarrrgghhh… no one cares if they are dating or not…kwanza who are they kwanza? what do they do? hii kudate inataka sasa ikuwe career.”

I get where Nasra is coming from; Noti Flow declared a few weeks ago that she was single and looking barely nine days after unveiling her new boyfriend after they parted company with Alami.

The performer introduced her new lover in a video in which the two cuddled up and looked all lovey-dovey. Noti gushed about her new flame, mentioning how beautiful she was.

After getting the crowd going, she revealed in a Q&A session that they were splitting up.

The curious netizen asked, ” when will you introduce your girl to the world??? Cannot wait to see her.”

To which the ‘Foto Moto’ hitmaker replied saying, ” I’m single,” accompanied by a laughing emoji.

She followed it up by adding that she was not in any relationship, ” single and searching baby.” Noti revealed.

We had hardly taken a breath when King Alami officially apologized to Noti Flow for their nasty split after it was revealed that Alami was working as an escort in Nairobi.

King Alami made a video apologizing for undermining her. He asked Noti Flow supporters to help spread the word because Noti had blocked Alami on all social media networks.

King Alami recognized that Noti was a wonderful girlfriend and that they were missing their regular selves together.

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