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A Kenyan lady requests that Mumias MP Salasya marry her

Just two weeks after Mumias MP Peter Salasya declared to the public the traits he seeks in a wife, a Kenyan lady has come forward to tell the MP that she checks all the boxes and is ready to marry.

Lydia Ronad, the lady, walked to the streets of Nairobi brandishing a sign stating that she was eager to start a relationship with the MP.

She is heard stating in a now-trending video,

“The report he’d sent out… you see I am here responding to the report that he sent out, I have accepted it. I am ready to be his wife. And I am just as God-fearing as he’d listed as top quality in a wife. I am working so I don’t want his money.

“I have all the qualities he was looking for in a wife,”.

Her banner stated that she is dedicated, God-fearing, compassionate, and caring.

Two weeks ago, the young MP who had his heart broken after he lost his parliamentary bid in 2017 appeared to have healed and was looking for a “marriage material” type of girl to marry.

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