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Kenya: The caretaker of Kangemi Church has gone missing after taking Sh1.5 million.

Police in Nairobi’s Kangemi district have launched a manhunt for a suspect who robbed a church and stole about Sh1.5 million.

The funds were collected on Sunday at Kangemi’s ACK All Saints Mountain View Church and stored there overnight.

The incident shocked the pastors and congregation of the church. They had raised funds for the church’s development, but it had vanished from a drawer near the altar.

When church elder John Wainanina and treasurer Elizabeth Njoki arrived at the church on Monday, October 10, they discovered the doors ajar, which was uncommon.

They were astonished to see the Lord’s table, where bread and wine are consecrated, looted and the money kept in a drawer underneath the altar stolen.

According to authorities, they promptly reported the incident at the Kangemi police station, and preliminary investigations revealed that the loss was caused by the church’s caretaker, who has since gone missing.

He is suspected of tampering with the church’s electrical system in order to disable the installed CCTV system before stealing the congregants’ contributions.

Shocked flock members gathered around the church, chatting in low tones as they sought to come to terms with the disappearance of the money intended for the growth of the community church.

They pondered aloud how the parish’s trusted keeper could have acted in such an unseemly manner.

Some were heard cursing the suspect, declaring that he would never thrive, while others pleaded for his forgiveness should he reappear and renounce his actions.

See photo below;

Police in Nairobi's Kangemi district

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