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Kenya: Kamene Goro and her bae defrauded 18k.

Kiss 100 host Kamene Goro has admitted to being duped out of $18,000 by an internet business over the weekend.

Kamene portrayed the smooth savage deed as an order of the day and a rite of passage.

“Wasee jana tulioshwa a strong 18 thousand bob, I’ve never felt like that I feel like someone kicked me in the stomach”,Kamene lamented.

“hata siamini”

In her tale, the lovely presenter stated that she had been hunting for a play station for days before deciding to purchase one from the Instagram online store.

She claimed that the offer was too good to be true, which prompted her to purchase it.

“It was such a deal, the amount of money, two pads, and 3 games.” Stated the deal as Kamene said.

Like any other ‘proper/cool deal, the store also offered to do a quick delivery as well.

“we’ll deliver in the 1 hr 45 minutes” Kamene continued to hilariously narrate.

The eloquent presenter went on to describe how the internet business had requested an 18k deposit prior to delivery, which she and her DJ boyfriend, Dj Bonez, duly sent.

After two hours, the delivery had not arrived, and she became impatient and decided to phone.

Kamene recounted for nearly 4 hours, followed by frequent calls to the business.

After over 4 hours of persistent calls to the store, she was barred from contacting the store via con and the unidentified store.

Stories of customers being duped by online businesses are on the rise.

“ushawaiconiwa style kama hii/ ama ni mimi tu” Kamene aske her listeners.

She concludes her narrative on her popular show ‘The Morning Kiss’ by asking her adoring listeners if they had been character-developed in Nairobi like way.

“They are calling it the Character development of the 254, you are no really Kenyan if you have not been conned, you are not really Nairobian until you have been conned.”

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