Kenya: Vera and Mauzo are planning a lavish birthday celebration for their one-year-old baby.

When his daughter Princes Asia Brown turned one, musician Brown Mauzo wrote a simple and concise greeting to her.

“My dearest @princess_asiabrown I’m so grateful to God that He chose me to be your Father. There is no greater love. Happy first birthday, daughter 🎂❤️😘💐,” Mauzo shared.

The celebrity then revealed that they are preparing an extravagant birthday party for their daughter.

“It’s about to go down!!! @princess_asiabrown birthday party this Saturday 22nd Oct. A castle party fit for a princess 👸🏰💃🏼🎊🥰🎉 this will be magical 💫,”

Vera Sidika, on the other hand, described her mothering experience.

“Today is emotional for me 🥺 my little girl is not little anymore. She’s growing up on me. Watching her videos from birth to 1 year today brings tears to my eyes. For many years I postponed this phase because I was scared of motherhood.

I was clueless. Still am. Because It doesn’t come with a manual, but all I know is, as moms we always do the best we can for our little ones,”.

She went on to remark that she is proud of the progress she has made as a mother in the last year.

“I’m so proud of myself for making that decision & taking up the role as your mom. I’m grateful for Asia’s growth, she has a personality to die for, very lovable, kind, jovial & happy baby. She lightens up any space & you’ll always smile back at her even if you’re having a bad day. God has been faithful.

“I couldn’t have asked for anything better. My love @princess_asiabrown just know that you mean the world to mom & dad,we love you so much. Not forgetting Your social media aunties & uncles that love you to eternity ❤️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS ,”.

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