Many musicians are broke, but they deceive you with their packaging – Speed Darlington

Darlington Okoye aka Speed Darlington, a Nigerian musician and influencer, has revealed how he discovered Afropop singer Stanley “Omah Lay” Didia was bankrupt.

The rapper, who made the remarks in a viral video, also stated that many Nigerian musicians are bankrupt, but no one knows because they package themselves.

This comes weeks after the Soso crooner expressed his financial difficulties on Instagram.

Omah Lay announced in April that he was broke, but what prompted fans to question his mental health was his statement that he wants to be alone.

Omah Lay wrote: “Do not talk to me. I’m brooooooke!!!”

In response, Speed Darlington stated that he saw a photo of Omah Lay on Instagram and that the background of the house did not appear to be expensive.

He was even more dissatisfied with the jeans the Understand singer wore. The internet sensation stated that he assessed the artist and found nothing noteworthy about him.

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Watch him speak below

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