Mr. Ibu’s wife accepts Jasmine as her daughter after reconciling with her husband.

Stella Maris has apologized to her husband, John Okafor, a.k.a. Mr. Ibu, and has taken back her remarks against his daughter Jasmine Okafor.

Mrs. Ibu stated that Jasmine was not her husband’s real daughter yesterday, claiming that he was having an affair with her.

But after they got back together, the mother of three changed her mind. Jasmine was identified by Stella Maris as her kid, who is also her husband’s daughter, during an Instagram live session with Daddy Freeze.

She also expressed regret to Jasmine for the untrue accusations she made against her.

The couple could be seen grinning throughout a video that Gistlover shared online while wearing similar attire. As they made fun of one another, Mr. Ibu and Stella appeared to be in love.

The Instagram user revealed that Mr. Ibu had returned home to his wife after the couple had resolved their disagreement at the police station.

Jasmine was appointed the manager of Mr. Ibu’s social media profiles in order to prevent further arguments because Stella is inexperienced in using the platform. Jasmine was also reminded to always have Stella’s approval before doing anything, and Mr. Ibu was warned not to remain at Jasmine’s house.

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