Nigeria: Following the death of her colleague, Rico Swavey, BBNaija star Ifuennada questions God’s existence.

Iheme Faith Uloma, a.k.a Ifu Ennada, of Big Brother Naija, has taken to social media to express her sorrow over the death of her colleague, Rico Swavey.

The 29-year-old reality show star died today, October 18, from injuries sustained in a car accident in Lagos.

The news of his death has shook Nigerian cyberspace to its core, with many people heartbroken by his untimely death.

In response to the deceased’s death, Ifu Ennada, a fellow housemate in the BBNaija double-wahala house, took to her Instagram story to question God for allowing such a ‘pure soul’ to die when there are many evil people who could have died in his place.

She stated that thousands of Nigerians joined their faith to pray for his survival, but he died.

Ifu Ennada, devastated by his death, questioned the existence of God and wondered if he truly answered prayers.

She wrote in an emotional post,

“Guys, I just confirmed that Rico is gone. I’m crying and my hands are shaking as I type this. I don’t know why God did this. I mean we prayed and begged him, some of us even donated..

I don’t know why God does the things he does, none of it makes sense to me, but Rico, a great guy is no longer with us.

Rico was the best of us and his heart was so pure. I don’t know why God did this. It doesn’t make sense.

Or maybe there’s no God? Cos why do you say “ask and it shall be given”, but we ask and we don’t get. What sort of thing is that?

If someone really needed to die, God could have taken one of our bad leaders. Nobody will miss them, nobody will mourn them. But what do I know? What can I do? This is not fair.

My heart is broken. I’ve lost loved ones this year. People who deserved to live.

Makes me wonder who God determines who should die and who should live.

Makes me wonder how much time I have left on earth. Nothing makes sense to me.

May God have mercy on us all.”

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