Nigeria: Pastor Tobi shows Oxlade how to eat with chopsticks in video.

Oxlade, a budding Nigerian singer, was caught on camera learning how to eat with chopsticks.

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, founder of Salvation Proclaimer Ministries Church (SPAC Nation), acted as an etiquette teacher, showing the artiste how to hold chopsticks properly.

Oxlade, who has been in the UK for a few days, previously performed Ku Lo Sa with the SPAC Nation choir.

In an online video, Pastor Tobi can be seen directing and assisting Oxlade, who is a quick learner.

After being shown how to use chopsticks, the Away singer was able to successfully pick food from his plate and into his food. The cleric then exclaimed, ‘Success success!’

Adegboyega then encouraged others to come and take lessons, noting that he had taught the majority of people through his chopsticks class.

The flamboyant clergyman also boasted about being the best teacher in the video’s caption.

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See video below;

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