“Use deodorants and stop smelling like goats” – Frederick Leonard calls out movie crew

Frederick Leonard, a Nollywood actor and producer, has dragged a film crew with an unpleasant odor on their bodies.

The actor’s remark came after his colleague, Victor Okpalan, complained on Instagram about how some of the film crew arrived on set smelling like “rat poison.”

Frederick Leonard, who agreed, took to the comments section and dragged the movie crew members who don’t keep themselves well but have an unpleasant odor on their bodies.

According to him, anyone with a functioning brain will use deodorant, especially if they know they will be working with people for long periods of time.

He wrote, “Any Human being That Has A FUNCTIONING BRAIN 🧠 Wether Cast or Crew, should Use Deodorants. And touch up Again by 5. pm so you don’t begin to smell like rotten Goat 🙄 For a Profession that requires that we are Constantly on our Feet for a minimum of 14 hours, COMMON SENSE SHOULD APPLY.. And Let’s not Forget Mint or Gum to Fight Mouth Odor. Thank You.”

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