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11-year-old golf business owner receives scholarship to attend university in Florida and pursue business degree

Carter Bonas, an outstanding 11-year-old boy, has received a full scholarship for four years to study at Florida Memorial University in Florida, United States.

At the South Florida HBCU Golf Classic, which was held at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Florida, Carter Bonas, the CEO of the golf business Golf Spectrum, was given the scholarship.

After considering games that don’t require physical contact, Bonas became interested in golf. He received an Asperger syndrome diagnosis at a very young age (which is now recognized as part of the Autism spectrum). He transitioned from having autism to running his golf company as CEO.

Speaking of his success as a new student, Bonas stated that he plans to study business to gain knowledge that will be useful to his company. “I received a [four-year] scholarship for college! Below a video of his prize, Bonas commented, “See you in 6 years (or less) to earn that business degree and take Spectrum Golf to the next level.

He has made significant contributions to the growth of golf ever since he developed an interest in it. He began selling Spectrum Golf gear when he was just ten years old. According to the firm website, he selected this moniker for his venture “because he is deemed high functioning on the Autism Spectrum Scale.”

Numerous chances are available to you when you study in the United States.

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