After discovering she is older than him, a 28-year-old woman plans to divorce her husband after only 5 months of marriage.

A 28-year-old Nigerian woman feels betrayed and perplexed since the man she married lied about his age.

She discovered five months after marriage that he is actually younger than she is, despite the fact that he claimed to be 32 years old while they were dating.

A friend told me the story, and she stated the lady isn’t upset because she’s older than her husband; rather, she’s upset because he didn’t tell her he was younger.

The wife is much upset with him now that the truth has come to light.

She appears to be considering divorce because she does not feel comfortable with the alternative, which is living with her husband as a stranger.

Read the write-up; ”So… She got married to this guy. During courtship the guy told her he was 32 while the girl was 28.

Five months into marriage she found out the guy lie about his age, she isn’t mad about the fact that he lied but she is older than him… and she hates the fact that he is not even sorry for what he did. She is literally confused if to live with him like a stranger or end the marriage. She feels she is married to her younger brother.”

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