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At the age of ten, a young Nigerian boy becomes a US chess master and establishes an outstanding record.

Tanitoluwa Adewumi, a young Nigerian boy, has become the 28th youngest National Chess Master in the United States after defeating all other competitors and accumulating more than the required 2200 points.

Tanitoluwa, who is only ten years old, fled Nigeria with his parents to the United States in 2017 and is now living in a homeless shelter in New York City.

The family flew to Dallas, Texas, on a tourist visa they had obtained in advance. They relocated to New York City shortly after, where a local pastor connected them with a homeless shelter. Tanitoluwa saw a chessboard for the first time there.

“I thought, why not go for it? I liked the way the pieces moved, and how anything can happen at any moment,” Tani said.

Tanitoluwa won the United States National State Chess Championship just one year after he began playing chess, gaining national attention.

Tanitoluwa and his family were able to launch a GoFundMe account following his National Chess Championship victory, which garnered $254,000 from US citizens who were awestruck by his brilliance.

The fund assisted them in moving to a better home, where they now reside, and provided Tanitoluwa with the opportunity to become one of the chess world’s fastest rising stars. Tanitoluwa received a chess rating of 2,223 at the United States National Chess Competition.

Tanitoluwa smashed the required points to be named champion with 3 points to spare.

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