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A 65-year-old woman who stopped going to school because she was short on money returns and succeeds in her studies.

Twyanna Williams, a remarkable 65-year-old grandmother, beat her peers, who were generally younger, to win the title of top graduating student at South Philadelphia High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Williams, who had previously put off finishing high school for a number of years owing to financial concerns, eventually went back after seeing her children and grandkids graduate.

Williams’ parents divorced while she was a teen, preventing her from finishing high school. In order to provide for the family, she was forced to take jobs.

“I felt sad for myself for coming out of school and seeing my friends graduating but I was working. My focus was on surviving.” Williams told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

She had to work for several years at local fast food joints, clinics, and motels to make ends meet, but she never lost sight of her goal of returning to school to receive her high school certificate. Every time she attended the graduation ceremonies of her two daughters and four grandkids, her desire to obtain a diploma was rekindled.

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