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Avoid polygamy; there is no benefit! no benefit, only confusion and drama – Two wives’ pastor issues a warning

Seraki Kemmonye Seraki, a pastor in Botswana who is legally wed to two women, warns against the perils of polygamy.

The pastor expressed his frustration with having two spouses at once on his Facebook page, highlighting the daily challenges he faces.

According to him, it is one thing to read about other people’s polygamy practices; it is quite another to really live with two women and six children.

He underlined how he can’t buy a basic car other than a large vehicle to contain his large family while cautioning about the experience being full of too much stress.

“THERE IS NO ADVANTAGE IN POLY-FAM! I have been accused of all sorts of things, from eating two plates to swimming in extra fats like a kidney, though I cannot confirm nor deny the accusations, my dear brother don’t get tempted, there is no advantage in this thing!” he said.

Today I saw things! “T Sekati, S Sekati, P Sekati…..uhu, naare golo mo ke family ya motho a le 1”? Exclaimed the security guard! I pulled my wives together with the kids as we slid into the Immigration hall! There was some murmuring! “O irang ka bana ba ba kanakana”! “Thaaka basadi ba mothaka yo ba bantle jang, wa yaka o ba loile”!

Then the process of filling forms, quing here and there, the young boys running and sliding between their mothers legs! The girls complaining bitterly about the state of their hairs! Chaotic scenes, the life of a polygamist!

As if that was not enough, with two wives and 6 kids following me around the entire day, none of them could pick that the front of my t was backward and vice versa! “Ele gore o thotse o isitse mapele ko morago” Never felt so small,embarrassed and insulted in one sentence like this! Stay away from this thing…there is no advantage here, just chaos and drama!

I can’t even buy an SVR, or a Lambo, I have to consider cars like Super 16, Caravella, Elegrand(kana ga tweng)! How can a young child like me drive di combi bashimane ba taboga ka di GD6? What kind of life is this? Where is the joy in this you people? Zero advantage! Legale lekeletsang,” Pastor Seraki Kemmonye Seraki added to his polygamy struggle.

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