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Ghana: GPRTU will unveil new transportation fares on monday

According to the Ghana Road Transport Union (GPRTU), new public transportation tariffs will be announced on Monday, October 24, 2022.

According to the union, this is due to the ongoing increase in the pricing of petroleum products at various fuel pumps.

Diesel and petrol are currently retailing for more over GH15 and GH13 correspondingly at major fuel pumps, which transport operators say is eroding their profit.

A discussion on tariff adjustment between the GPRTU and the Transport Ministry ended in an impasse.

Abbas Imoro, the GPRTU’s Industrial Relations Officer, stated on Citi TV that the union can do little to improve the situation.

“Normally, if we are able to conclude, we will come out on Monday with a percentage of increment. We will give the passengers a few days to adjust themselves to the new prices.”

“We’ve been very considerate. This would have been the third or fourth adjustment from May. We are all in this country and have seen frequent increments in fuel prices. But we have sacrificed to contain it. But we can no longer bear the cost.”

He also urged travelers to be patient with the GPRTU in order to keep their business going.

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