Chioma Jesus, a Nigerian gospel singer, beats Beyoncé in a Twitter popularity contest.

Several Nigerian Twitter users claim that the gospel singer Chioma Jesus is more well-known than the R&B superstar Beyoncé.

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A Twitter user named @imoteda asserted that the R&B artist is more well-liked than football players, prompting the creation of a popularity survey. It is strange for people to think otherwise, the tweep claimed.

According to her,

So many people think football players are crazy popular. It’s so weird. Like how can you say a football player is more popular than Beyonce? Then name two football players than even I wouldn’t recognize. Lol

Twitter users, particularly football enthusiasts, strongly disagreed with the lady’s position, and one user, @ Ganzii, who joined in the discussion, produced a poll between Chioma Jesus and Beyoncé.

See tweet;

Nigerian Twitter users

The gospel artist received 85% of the 110,995 votes polled, which is a sizable victory.

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