Moment Mr. P, passionately kissed a female fan while performing.

Following a recent performance, Mr. P, a generally known Nigerian Singer, had a kiss with an unidentified female fan, drawing criticism on social media.

Currently on the “Psquare100CitiesWorldTour,” Mr. P and his brother Paul Okoye enjoyed a passionate kiss with a woman in the audience during one of their performances.

According to the viral footage of that exchange, Mr. P knelt down from the stage and approached the female fan before she grabbed his face and they shared an enthusiastic kiss.

The audience erupted in jubilation as they applauded the artist and the lucky woman at that precise time.

Many of the singer’s fans and followers have since responded to the video.

Reacting, a Twitter user @Just_Franklin_ wrote, “This one na werey o.. U dey kiss person wey u no know where her mouth don enter”.

@JoysSparkle, “Lmao. Behaved like an upcoming act. So classless, no wonder madam left you 😂”.

@mmuyiiwaa, “This is so irresponsible! Unprofessional too. What was he thinking?? Isn’t he married? This is crazy 😂”.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time the singer has made such a move on stage. Recall that he kissed a female fan during their sold-out show in Dallas in August.

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Watch video below,


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