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Ghana: Man conned in GSM village panics as he returns with “juju” to cast curses

After being conned at a well-known GSM village in Ghana, a young man turned to a spiritual path.

He allegedly bought a phone at a market in Kumasi and discovered when he got home that it was packaged in a carton.

However, he was unwilling to let it go, so he procured some fetish substances and stormed the marketplace, invoking curses on the con artists.

He was seen emptying a bottle on the ground and reciting incantations in a video that was going viral on social media.

The traders followed him as he started to leave, pleading with him to undo whatever he had done because they were afraid he had cast a curse over all of them.

The irate client kept walking while paying no attention to anything they said.

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Watch the video below:


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